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Dispute Resolution Programs

CPR Dispute Resolution occasionally collaborates with outside organizations to provide tailored ADR programs. The ADR programs were specifically designed with the needs of the parties and participants in mind.

Please reach out to CPR Dispute Resolution for more information on setting up a tailored ADR program for your organization, via

To file a case under any of these programs, please visit File a Case.

The CPR American Kennel Club ADR Center

An innovative program focusing on solving private disagreements within the sport of dogs, CPR Dispute Resolution is available to administer voluntary mediation and arbitration of certain disputes in connection with the American Kennel Club (AKC). For more information, please visit the American Kennel Club ADR Center.

Franchise Disputes

The Franchise Mediation Program (the "Program"), created in 1994, has been endorsed by the International Franchise Association, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, and the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers, and has been used by many leading franchisors, franchisees and franchisee associations.

Since inception, a success rate of approximately 80 percent has been achieved in mediations in which the franchisee agreed to participate, with many more cases resolved without intervention of a mediator. Parties report that, as a result of the Program, they are resolving substantially more disputes through informal negotiations without either party needing to report to formal mediation through the Program.

Wellington Cases

CPR oversees the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program arising under the Wellington Agreement. Under this agreement, the ADR process involves three basic stages: 1) good-faith negotiation; 2) a proceeding concluding with a binding decision if litigation is not allowed and a non-binding decision if litigation is allowed (the “Proceeding”); and 3) an appellate process for the binding decision. CPR is involved at all stages of the ADR process to assist the parties in reaching resolution.