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How We Lead

CPR Dispute Resolution, A Proven Leader in Dispute Resolution

As a leading provider of dispute management services, our mission is to provide responsive and efficient case management services throughout the United States and abroad, leveraging the resources generated by the CPR Institute. We are committed to providing a broad array of alternative dispute resolution services to diverse parties with personalized and knowledgeable service provided by an experienced case management team.

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Experience the CPR Dispute Resolution Difference

Responsive Case Administrators - Every question gets directed to an experienced case manager, not a customer service line.

Distinguished and Diverse Panel of Neutrals – We provide our clients with a carefully curated, diverse group of prominent, experienced subject matter and ADR professionals based in 32 U.S. states and 35 countries.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing  – Our fees are more competitive and straightforward in their application than other institutions, allowing more predictability upfront.

Speed to Resolution - CPR’s Administered Arbitration Rules call for the matter to be concluded no more than 12 months from the initial pre-hearing conference. Our Fast Track rules call for resolution in 90 days.

Technology – Our Complete Case platform, a holistic end-to-end digital environment designed for ADR, handles matters efficiently and securely.

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