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APEC Dispute Resolution

APEC Dispute Resolution

Under the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework, APEC partners with ODR providers located in APEC economies that have opted-in to the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework.  CPR is listed as an ODR provider on the website for the Collaborative Framework, and the currently the only provider in the United States.

The Model Procedural Rules for the APEC Collaborative Framework for ODR of Cross-Border B2B Disputes can be found starting on page 6 of the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework, or by clicking here: Model Procedural Rules. For more information on the Collaborative Framework, please visit:

To file a matter with CPR under APEC's ODR Collaborative Framework, please use our Matter Intake Form, below, and select "APEC Dispute Resolution" under "Special DRS Services" on the first screen.  You will be prompted to enter the relevant information regarding the dispute.

matter intake form


Parties may agree, before or after a dispute has arisen, to submit the dispute to CPR for resolution via its APEC ODR service platform in accordance with the Model Procedural Rules. To do so, parties should consider including the following Model Clause:

Model ODR Clause for Contracts

Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising hereunder and within the scope of the Model Procedural Rules for the APEC Collaborative Framework for ODR of Cross-Border B2B Disputes (“the Procedural Rules”) providing for an online resolution process through negotiation, mediation and binding arbitration, shall be submitted to the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution ("CPR") for resolution via its online platform in accordance with the Procedural Rules presently in force.

Note: Parties should consider adding:

  1. The number of neutrals shall be one.
  2. The place/seat of arbitration shall be  ____________ [Location].
  3. The language used in the ODR proceedings shall be ____________ [Language].