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A La Carte Case Management Services

CPR’s self-administered processes allow parties to conduct an arbitration or mediation without the help of an administering body. However, given the varying nature of complex commercial disputes, CPR provides a la carte case management services to assist parties should limited administrative help be needed. With CPR’s a la carte services, parties can customize their processes by choosing the type and amount of assistance that is needed for each proceeding.

There may be some situations in which limited administration may be needed for a given type of case or case load.  For these matters, CPR staff stands ready to assist parties in proactively addressing disputes and accelerating resolution.

*1 hour minimum *

Serving Non-Responding Respondent $400/hr*
Administrative Fees, including time for acting as fund-holder for matter $400/hr*
Challenge of Arbitrator Post Selection (under $100M/over $100M) $3,500/$5,000
Review of Award (form, clerical, computational and typographical) $400/hr.*
CPR Conference Room Rental (Midtown New York)

Plus, Daily Administrative Charge (copies, faxes, phone, staffing, etc.), if applicable


If you are looking for other limited services we provide, please refer to our Appointing Services or our Other Services (which includes empaneling special neutrals such as Deal Facilitators, DRBs, Mock Arbitrators, etc.).