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The CPR American Kennel Club ADR Center

The CPR American Kennel Club ADR Center

An innovative new program focusing on solving private disagreements within the sport of dogs 

This page provides centralized information on the voluntary mediation and arbitration of certain disputes in connection with the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

On occasion, the AKC is requested to assist informally in resolving three principle types of "non-AKC" disputes (i.e., those in which AKC is not a direct party and which do not involve AKC disciplinary matters). These disputes involve:

  • Internal club arguments over a club’s bylaws and their application (“Internal Club Disputes”);
  • Private arguments over dog ownership or co-ownership (“Dog Ownership Disputes”); and
  • Disputes between or among clubs in regard to cluster events (“Cluster Event Disputes”)

An independently neutral and voluntary system of mediation and arbitration is an option to which Internal Club Disputes, private Dog-Ownership Disputes or Cluster Event Disputes may be directed as an alternative to a court proceeding to resolve these non-AKC disputes.

The International Institute of Conflict Prevent & Resolution (CPR) is pleased to administer these options for resolution.

Please review the AKC's "Working It Out"sm Guide before contacting CPR.

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How to File a Case

To request the appointment of a neutral under the AKC Protocol:

Mediation and arbitration are consentual. Before contacting CPR, all parties must have decided to consent to mediation or arbitration. 

One party, on behalf of all parties, should notify CPR via email at that the parties wish to proceed under CPR’s AKC Protocol and request the appointment of a Neutral for their mediation or arbitration.  Please include contact info, including email addresses, for all parties.