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CPR Consumer and Employment Arbitration Case Information

CPR Dispute Resolution administers employment arbitration matters arising out of agreements that comply with its Due Process Protections. See, generally, Employment Disputes. At this time, CPR does not otherwise administer consumer cases. For purposes of compliance with state requirements, such as the California Code of Civil Procedure §1281.96, CPR maintains its Consumer Case Information with information on consumer matters closed within the last five years:

CPR Consumer Case Information

CPR has prepared the Consumer Case information required by applicable law in spreadsheet format by compiling information from its database of matters and other internal records to populate the required fields. Information was collected relating to applicable matters initiated by individual claimants and closed within five years of the date listed on the Consumer Case Information. Information was sorted by examining the ADR code (Arbitration, Mediation, etc.) assigned to the matter to determine whether it was an arbitration. Then, for each of those identified arbitrations, the “law code” assigned to the matters was examined to determine whether it was an “Employment” or “Consumer Arbitration” matter under the definition provided in applicable law. The “law code” was assigned to each matter at the time of initial filing.  For the sake of clarity, disputes between partners or principals and their firms are assigned a “law code” of "Partnership Disputes" and are not included in the Consumer Case Information. At the same time, information relating to disputes between individuals who are not partners or principals and their firms, if any, would receive a “law code” of “Employment” and would be included in the Consumer Case Information.

For reference purposes, the following definitions apply to the Consumer Case Information:

Initiating Party – This is the party that initiated the matter with CPR.

Non-Consumer Party – This is the business or employer involved in the dispute.

Case Code – This is CPR’s internal Case number for ease of reference.

Source of Authority – This indicates whether the matter was brought pursuant to a pre-dispute arbitration clause designating CPR as the administrator.

Annual Wage – For Employment claims the individual’s annual wage is divided into the following ranges:  less than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) to two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000), inclusive, and over two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000). If this information was not provided, “Not Provided” is indicated.

Type of Dispute – This is the general category of the dispute, e.g., Employment. CPR includes under the Employment rubric claims by individuals  who may be called “independent contractors” by the person or organization receiving services from the person if the dispute is about or relates to the work (or payment for the work) that the individual performs or would perform or the individual’s status as an employee or independent contractor.

Salary Range – This is the salary range of the employee involved in employment matters, as provided by the filing party. 

Prevailing Party – “Prevailing party” indicates the party with a net monetary recovery or an award of injunctive relief. If the arbitrator indicates a prevailing party in the award, that information is reflected here.  This is reported only on awarded cases.

Non-Consumer # of Arbitrations and Non-Consumer # of Mediations means the number of occasions, if any, in which the non-consumer party has been a party to either an arbitration or a mediation administered by CPR.

Consumer Party Representation – “Yes” indicates that the consumer party was represented by an attorney. “No” indicates that the consumer represented himself or herself or was represented by a non-attorney in the arbitration proceeding.

Filing Date – This is the date the administrative matter was opened at CPR.

Close Date – This is the date the administrative matter was closed at CPR.

Appointment Date – This is the date on which the arbitrator was selected for the dispute.

Type of Disposition – This is the manner in which the case was closed. Dispositions include:

Award – A case in which the arbitrator rendered a decision.

Settled – A case that was closed after the parties reached a mutual resolution of the dispute.

Withdrawn – A case in which the claimant or the parties acting jointly withdrew the claim prior to resolution.

Type of Hearing – This indicates whether there was an oral hearing, remote video hearing or the case was decided on documents only. N/A indicates that the case did not reach a hearing.

Claim Amount Consumer – This is the monetary amount in dispute as claimed by the claimant. 

Award Amount Consumer – This is the monetary amount awarded on the claim to the Consumer if it went to Award.

Other Relief Consumer – This is any other relief awarded to the consumer.

Arbitrator Fees – This is the full amount of arbitrator's fees and expenses charged on the case.

Arbitrator Fee Allocation Consumer and Non-Consumer – This is the percentage of the Total Fee borne by the consumer and non-consumer parties.

Attorney’s Fees Awarded – “Yes” indicated that attorneys fees were awarded.  “No” indicates they were not.

Attorney’s fees Consumer and Non-Consumer – Where applicable, this indicates the amount of attorney’s fees awarded to the consumer and non-consumer party.

Arbitrator Name – This is the name of the arbitrator appointed to the case. 

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CPR Arbitrator Demographic Data

Pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure §1281.96, CPR maintains Demographic Data on its Employment and Employment Related Mass Claims Panels reported in the aggregate, relative to ethnicity, race, disability, veteran status, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation of all arbitrators as self-reported by the arbitrators as well as the percentage of arbitrators who declined to respond. 

CPR Demographic Data for Employment Neutrals