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Dispute Prevention and Management

Dispute Prevention entails the development of mechanisms aimed at preserving business relationships by identifying conflict early and preventing it from ripening into full-blown disputes. CPR is committed to driving adoption of a dispute prevention culture across industries. 

CPR’s New Rules for Administered Dispute Prevention and Management Boards for Commercial Transactions 

The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (“CPR”) [Rules for Administered Dispute Prevention and Management Boards for Commercial Transactions (“DP&M Board Rules”) are intended for parties that desire an accelerated, streamlined early dispute avoidance and mitigation process designed to result in consensual resolution of unanticipated issues and disputes, and, if unsuccessful, then the delivery of a decision within a short, specified period during the progress of a long term commercial Endeavor.

The DP&M Board Rules were designed to be suitable for Endeavors regardless of their complexity or the amount in dispute. And, interspersed in the DP&M Board Rules, CPR has prepared non-binding Guidance that should be consulted when applying these DP&M Board Rules. 

For CPR's assistance in appointment of neutrals under these Rules, please visit

Specialized Neutrals for Dispute Prevention and Management

Dispute Resolution Board Panel: The neutrals on CPR's DRB Panel all have prior experience serving on dispute resolution boards and/or knowledge of CPR's DP&M Board Rules and are able to help parties with dispute management and prevention boards.

Dispute Prevention Panel: Since 2020, CPR’s Dispute Resolution Services has maintained a Dispute Prevention Panel, the first of its kind, comprised of neutrals skilled in facilitating conflict management. 

For more information on our Panels, visit our Specialty Panels page. 

Parties who wish to look for neutrals with experience in dispute prevention and management can visit our Find a CPR Neutral page, and search for neutrals within the DRB Panel or Dispute Prevention Panel (select the "DRB Panel" or "Dispute Prevention Panel" under the Panels filter).

Dispute Resolution Planning

Save time and money by bringing your contractual disputes to CPR’s Dispute Resolution Planning program, currently a pilot project. An independent, impartial neutral (a process design facilitator) will work with the parties to plan a bespoke dispute resolution process that optimizes the prospects for prompt resolution. Under our pilot, this program is free to the parties, and the facilitator spends an hour with each party individually and then two hours with the parties together, to help the parties determine the best ADR process for their current dispute’s needs. Learn more.

Model Clauses

For model clauses for Dispute Prevention and CPR's Rules for Dispute Prevention & Management Boards, please visit our Model Clauses page

More Dispute Prevention Resources

For more resources on dispute prevention, visit the CPR Dispute Prevention Library of Resources on the CPR Institute website,