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Specialty Area Rules

Certain disputes will benefit from using rules that are tailored to the industry at hand.  CPR has specialized rules and procedures for arbitration and mediations within these industries, as listed below, as well as rules for minitrial procedures.


Employment Arbitration Rules (2021)

Appellate Arbitration Procedure (2015)

Rules for Expedited Arbitration of Construction Disputes (2006)

Patent & Trade Secret Arbitration Rules (2005)

Trademark Procedures (1994)


Franchise Mediation Procedure (2007)

Employment Mediation Procedure (2004)

Trademark Procedures (1994)

Dispute Prevention

Dispute Prevention & Management Board Rules (2023)


CPR Minitrial Procedure (2006)

European Minitrial Procedure (1996)

For examples on how to incorporate CPR rules into your contract, you may review our Model Clauses.  Please also note our Pricing and Fees.

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