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Mediation: Full Service Mediation:

Please send your request for appointment of a mediator with any requirements to cprneutrals Please include a copy of any contractual provisions.

Except as provided below, all Mediations, including Franchise mediations: $825 non-refundable deposit; $1,650 total selection fee. The fee covers the CPR full vetting process, which includes a conference call with the parties to help CPR develop a list of nominees who will be vetted for conflicts purposes and from which the parties can choose their mediator. 

Streamlined Mediator Appointment: For disputes where the parties wish CPR to choose a mediator for them after having submitted a Request for a Streamlined Appointment. CPR will make the selection based on the information provided by the parties and vet the candidate for conflicts purposes before the appointment:
$375/party payable up front.

Flat Fee Mediation Program: For disputes filed with CPR with less than $500,000 at issue, users may opt to have their matter mediated for a flat fee of $3,500, to be split among the parties ($2,500 to be split among the parties when a CPR member is involved in the dispute). This amount will entitle the user to one day of mediation (up to 10 hours, including preparation). Thereafter, an hourly rate of $350 will apply, representing a significant discount from the rates normally charged by CPR’s experienced panelists for a mediation.

Arbitration:  Arbitration can be conducted pursuant to either CPR Administered Arbitration Rules or CPR Non-Administered Arbitration Rules.

Administered Arbitration - If your arbitration clause provides for CPR Administered Arbitration Rules or if the parties agree to submit an existing dispute to CPR administered arbitration: To file a case, mail or email* your notice of Arbitration along with a $1750 non-refundable deposit to the address below.  Please include contact information for all parties, including e-mail addresses. As soon as you file your Notice of Arbitration, CPR will contact you. *If you are not already registered on the HPE Secure mail system and would like to file your matter through our secure email platform, email us and we will email you the link to register.

      • You now also have the option to file cases pursuant to the CPR Administered Arbitration Rules for International Disputes with CEDR (Centre for Efficient Dispute Resolution) in London.  To file with CEDR click HERE.  

Non-Administered Arbitration - If your arbitration clause provides for CPR Non-Administered Arbitration Rules and you need assistance in selecting an arbitrator or a tribunal:  Send your request for assistance and Notice of Arbitration as well as, if available, the Statement of Defense, along with a $1,250 non-refundable deposit to the address below. Please include contact information for all parties, including email addresses.

Employment Arbitration - For Employment-related disputes, click here.


If the parties have provided for CPR Arbitration without specifying either the Non-Administered or Administered Rules, the CPR Administered Rules shall apply to any arbitration agreement dated July 1, 2013 or later.  For agreements dated prior to that date the Non-Administered Rules apply unless the parties agree otherwise.

If your arbitration clause provides for CPR Non-Administered Arbitration, but the parties would rather use an administered arbitration process, the parties can enter into a submission agreement for administered arbitration. Click here for CPR Administered Arbitration Model Clause. More information on administered and non-administered arbitration is available here.

To the extent the same counsel intends to file multiple arbitrations (>5) with CPR against the same respondent(s), claimants filing the arbitrations must also complete the attached excel spreadsheet for each of the arbitrations per the template provided. The template must be filled in EXACTLY in the form requested. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of the filings by CPR. Indigent claimants may be entitled to a fee waiver. California residents requesting a fee waiver, please fill out this form. Others necessitating a fee waiver, please fill out this form. Note: If your income is more than 300% of the federal poverty level, your hardship request will likely not be approved. Send forms together with your filing to To the extent these claims are employment related, they may be subject to the Employment-Related Mass Claims Protocol. Upon receipt of the template, CPR will notify claimant(s) and respondent whether your cases will proceed individually or under the Protocol. The Protocol applies only if: 1) there is an agreement between the employer and the claimant that provides for arbitration under CPR Rules; 2) the employer has agreed to afford each claimant the Due Process Protections; 3) there is a specific reference in the agreement between the employer and claimant to the Protocol and the employer has provided access to the Protocol to the claimant prior to the claimant’s acceptance of the agreement; 4) the employer has not fundamentally altered the terms of the Protocol in its arbitration agreement with the claimant; and 5) more than 30 individual employment-related arbitration cases of a nearly identical nature have been filed with CPR against the same employer. 

Please note that to the extent the Protocol is applicable, its provisions regarding filing shall supersede the Rules provisions, and the filing of the spreadsheet together with the Notice(s) of Arbitration shall be deemed the complete filing or filings under the Administered Rules. For the Avoidance of Doubt, the filing of the Notice of Arbitration and Template (without a filing fee) are the complete filing under Rule 3 of the Administered Rules, and the Commencement Date will be the date on which they are both received. 

CPR reserves the right to impose an upcharge to cover its costs whenever the acts, omissions or requests of parties to a matter require administrative support that, in the discretion of CPR, materially exceeds  the ordinary course of support provided as part of its services.    

Pre-Qualified List of Neutrals:  To obtain bios of CPR credentialed neutrals with pre-determined qualifications, send your request and a non-refundable fee of $1,500 to the address below.
Assisted Arbitration Services:  Find out about the additional services we at CPR can provide when you use the Non-Administered Arbitration Rules or the CPR Mediation Procedure.

Website:  Data security is important to CPR.

CPR Dispute Resolution Services utilizes a secure email solution that encrypts data and attachments within all of our case-related communications. To obtain access to the secure email connection, please email


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