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Other Services

CPR Dispute Resolution provides parties with services that may help avoid business disputes, or address business disputes in those situations where parties want to reach resolution or understand the matter more deeply.

To request neutral appointment under any of the following services, please visit File a Case and under "Service", select "Appointing Services" from the "Non-Administered Arbitration, UNCITRAL and Appointing Services" option. 

If you do not require appointing services and simply wish to see a Curated List of Neutrals, please visit please visit File A Case and under Service, select "Curated List of Neutral Bios" from the "Special DRS Services" option.

Parties can learn more about the different types of Appointing Services via our website.

  • Deal Facilitation
    CPR can assist the parties with the appointment of a neutral who will act as a “deal facilitator” in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, etc.
  • Dispute Resolution Boards
    A party-appointed panel chaired by a trained neutral, which generally is formed at the start of a construction project and meets regularly (usually at the site) to follow work progress and to provide guidance to the parties. Once the DRB is in place, is informed about the project, and follows its progress, it is able to guide the parties to a mutual resolution of differences before they become disputes. In the event that the DRB is called upon to hear a ripened dispute, it can make either recommendations, awards that are binding for a period of time, awards that are binding but appealable, or final and binding decisions, depending on the agreement of the parties involved in the project. DRBs have been successfully used in complex construction projects.
  • Mini Trials
    A hybrid process by which the parties present their legal and factual contentions to a panel of representatives selected by each party, or to a neutral third party, or both. The presentations are strictly limited and, at the end of the presentations, the party representatives and/or neutral meet and confer. The utility of the process is to provide senior party representatives with an opportunity to balance the strength of their client’s claims against the contentions of their adversary, with an eye to resolving the matter on commercial rather than legal terms.
  • Mock Arbitration
    CPR can assist you with empaneling a tribunal of mock arbitrators with qualifications similar to those of your actual tribunal.
  • Integrated Resolution Program
    Integrated Resolution Program is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses resolve their disputes through mediation, and move their business forward.Learn More