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Become a Neutral

In evaluating applications, CPR considers candidates’ education, experience with commercial or consumer matters, ADR training, ADR experience, references and, where appropriate, substantive experience in a given field. We strive for geographic and other diversity. All CPR neutrals are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards as set out by the governing ethical codes and rules.



To apply to be a CPR Neutral:

Download the Application Form Here.
Directions: Click the link to download and save to your system. If the document opens in Word without giving the option to save, click 'File', 'Save As' and save to your hard drive.

To apply, please provide the following:

  • your completed form
  • a cover letter explaining your experience with complex commercial matters
  • two letters of reference
  • and a processing fee of US $150.00 + US $50 per specialty panel you wish to be considered for

Please send all the documents via email to



In an effort to continue to diversify its Panel, CPR has opened an additional pathway to become part of the CPR Global Panel. This pathway is intended to streamline the process and accommodate a greater range of applicants.

To apply via this path, please follow these steps:

STEP 1: Send two Letters of reference from members of CPR’s International Advisory Boards (Brazil Advisory Board, European Advisory Board, Canada Advisory Board).

These reference letters should include the following:

  • Information about the Applicant’s skills which would support their work as a neutral
  • Information about their experience and how they acquired their skills
  • Information about their style as a neutral
  • Information on any subject matter expertise

STEP 2: Send a resume detailing the Neutral’s experience in complex commercial or other business-related matters

STEP 3: Send the processing fee of US $150.00

Please send all the documents via email to

Once CPR has decided on the application, CPR will require a successful applicant to input further information on subject matter expertise into CPR’s system in order to update its database of Distinguished Neutrals. CPR Members and other neutrals have online access 24/7 to the CPR Panels of Distinguished Neutrals and use it to select neutrals not only in CPR cases, but also in cases under other institutions’ rules.


NOTE: We are currently accepting credit card or wire transfer payments only. Please indicate in your cover email whether you are paying by credit card or wire transfer.