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CPR's 2021 International Conference | Panel 6

Advancing Suitable Dispute Resolution: Pre-Dispute or Post-Dispute

Panel 6: Advancing Suitable Dispute Resolution: Pre-Dispute or Post-Dispute

This panel will present how to address dispute prevention processes at the beginning of a business relationship through appropriate contract provisions; negotiation points to consider with an unwilling or unfamiliar counterparty – including the use of a Third Party Neutral to assist parties in preventing disputes. It will also address how to submit a dispute for dispute resolution when the original agreement did not specify a dispute resolution mechanism.   

Lorne O'Reilly - Lead Counsel, The Dow Chemical Company

Jeremy Lack - Independent Arbitrator and Mediator, Lawtech
Mia Levi - Vice President, International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution
David Tupper - Partner, Blakes


2021 CPR International Conference on Business Dispute Management
For the first time in CPR's history, we brought together the leadership of CPR’s three International Advisory Boards for a two-day conference. Six panels with esteemed moderators and panelists will examined important topics related Business Dispute Management.