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Flat Fee Mediation Program

CPR's new Flat Fee Mediation Program is an opportunity for early resolution of cases through mediation by mediators from CPR’s panel of distinguished neutrals for a predetermined flat fee. The Flat Fee Mediation Program, effective July 1, does not replace any of CPR’s traditional mediation program offerings, but rather offers an additional option that may be particularly appealing for those seeking highly qualified mediators willing to commit to a maximum daily fee.

To date, approximately 200 mediators from CPR’s carefully vetted panel are available under this program.

Details of this program are as follows:

  • For disputes filed with CPR with less than $500,000 at issue, users may opt to have their matter mediated for a flat fee of $3,500, to be split among the parties.
  • This amount will entitle the user to one day of mediation (up to 10 hours, including preparation). Thereafter, an hourly rate of $350 will apply, representing a significant discount from the rates normally charged by CPR’s experienced panelists for a mediation.
  • Any out-of-pocket expenses, such as room rental, will be billed separately by the mediator
  • Mediators will be directly appointed by CPR, after the parties have agreed upon a date and venue.
  • To streamline the appointment process and ensure the best neutral selection possible, the parties will complete an online form providing desired mediator qualifications, as well as a list of entities to be checked for conflicts.
  • Parties wishing to choose their own neutral will still have that option by utilizing the traditional mediation process offered by CPR.
  • NOTE: If you are interested in flat fee mediation for matters with more than $500,000 at issue, CPR can also assist you upon request.

For inquiries, and to enter the Flat Fee Mediation Program, contact CPR's DRS Department at or call Mia Levi at +1 646 753 8241.