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Dispute Resolution Planning

Save time and money by bringing your disputes to CPR’s Dispute Resolution Planning program, currently a pilot project. An independent, impartial neutral (a process design facilitator) will work with the parties to plan a bespoke dispute resolution process that optimizes the prospects for prompt resolution.

Plan a Dispute Resolution Process that Suits Your Needs 

When a dispute arises, many parties have not fully considered their options on how best to resolve their dispute, or they are relying upon a dispute resolution clause drafted years before the dispute arose.

Under this pilot project, parties to a dispute will sign up for 4 hours free of charge with an independent process design Facilitator to plan out and design an efficient dispute resolution process based on the parties’ needs, interests, and the nature of their dispute. The Facilitator can be deployed at any time during the dispute, whenever the parties want to consider options. Further guidance can be found in CPR's Dispute Resolution Planning Procedures, which outlines the process and ground rules of proceeding.

The Facilitator, a neutral experienced in a range of dispute resolution processes, will work with the parties to plan a process to optimize the prospects for resolution through mediation, conciliation, expert determination, arbitration, as well as lesser-known alternative dispute processes or even some combinations thereof that may be more appropriate. Once appointed, the parties will enter into an agreement with the Facilitator, such as the CPR Dispute Resolution Planning Agreement, which provides a framework for the relationship.

How it Works

1. Parties sign up for the process via the CPR Dispute Resolution Complete Case platform - selecting the option for Dispute Resolution Planning under the Special DRS Services option and uploading the Intake Form.

2. A CPR Dispute Resolution case manager will be assigned to appoint the Facilitator and remain on hand to assist.

3. The CPR Dispute Resolution case manager and the Facilitator will reach out to the parties to schedule their planning sessions.

4. The Facilitator will conduct diagnostic interviews with each party using tools designed to ascertain their imperatives for resolution.

5. Thereafter, the Facilitator will organize a joint conference to assist the parties in planning the custom dispute resolution process that takes into consideration the information collected in the interviews.

Our Facilitators

Currently, this program is supported by three of CPR's Distinguished Neutrals who have expertise in many different modes of ADR.  The facilitators include: Jeremy Lack, Laura Kaster, and Steven Bierman.  You can find their bios on CPR's roster, here:

How CPR Supports Your Planning Process

Should the parties wish to include ADR processes as part of their Dispute Resolution Plan, parties may choose to submit those processes for administration by CPR Dispute Resolution, using this form: Submission at Point of Dispute form

CPR Dispute Resolution is a boutique provider of arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution and management services.  CPR has rules, procedures, and protocols to administer a spectrum of ADR services.  Those materials are generated by CPR’s think tank, the CPR Institute, and informed by end-users who are on the front lines of dispute resolution. 

For More Information

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