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Neutral Administrative Fees

Since 2007, CPR has charged our neutrals an annual administrative fee to help cover the costs of maintaining our neutral bios on the website and to enable us to continue to improve neutral information available to our members. Panelists are either billed for this fee in September or April depending on when they joined the Panels. As a non-profit dedicated to promoting conflict resolution, we are focused on providing our users with an exclusive and streamlined process to access the most objective information. This, in turn, enables them to make an informed decision when selecting neutrals for their cases. Our neutral selection and vetting process is, quite simply, the most comprehensive in the field.

As a result, our credentialing designates CPR’s neutrals as the most qualified in their respective area. In addition, access to panelists’ information via our online search portal means that our neutrals are being considered by the most astute buyers of ADR services who are actively in the process of selecting neutrals. Frequently, users of CPR's Non-administered Arbitration rules will use the search function on our website to select their neutrals.

Additionally, many of the CPR Institute's member firms use the search function when they are looking to appoint a neutral.  Our membership comprises influential industry leaders who handle the largest and most sophisticated matters and command the highest litigation dollars. They are the top General Counsel and senior lawyers of Fortune 1,000 organizations and senior partners in the top law firms around the world. In a recent survey, our members identified our Panels as one of CPR’s most valuable offerings and confirmed that more than half regularly access and engage our panelists.

We are continually working to enhance our panels. We have introduced new specialized panels and modified the website to allow for a more comprehensive and refined search.  Our neutrals are now all listed in front of the paywall. All of these functions have helped to enhance access to CPR’s distinguished neutrals. 

The following neutral administrative fees apply:

Base fee for Your Biography to Appear on One Panel on the Website $395*
Each Additional Panel, per Panel, Up to Three Additional Panels $100
Each Additional Panel, per Panel, on Four to Six Additional Panels $80
Each Additional Panel, per Panel, on Seven or More Additional Panels $60

*If a CPR Panelist receives no cases in a given year, $95 will be refunded the following year. 

If a CPR Panelist receives a case, he/she will remit an additional fee of no more than 5% of the total fees charged, including cancellation fees.

Please note the following panels have no additional fee: Certified Public Accountants Panel, Dispute Prevention Panel, Mass Claims Employment Panel, and Pro Bono Panel.  

For more information about the CPR Specialty Panels, click here.

Payment of Fees

Panelists are either billed for this fee in September or April depending on when they joined the Panels. If you have received an invoice from CPR regarding your annual administrative fee, and wish to pay online by credit card, you can pay by logging into your platform account online.  Please review the following instructions. Payment may also be sent by check or ACH, please be sure to include the invoice number with your payment.  Further instructions are located on the invoice.