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ADR in the Time of COVID-19: How Neutrals & Advocates Can Use Zoom for Mediations & Arbitrations

Worried about how to arbitrate or mediate online during the COVID-19 pandemic? Starting to make the switch online and have questions? On March 30, CPR presented this 90 minute online training session designed to teach neutrals and advocates how to use Zoom Professional to effectively conduct their arbitrations and mediations.  

This course is divided into two parts.  The first covers using Zoom Professional in arbitrations, and includes instruction on how to use Zoom Professional to take witness testimony, share documents, draw on photographs, show videos, and illustrate expert testimony in a way that saves time and money.

The second part covers using Zoom Professional in mediations, and includes how to use Zoom Professional to create breakout rooms for the different parties to communicate privately and with the mediator (how to door knock, screen share, pass control to mediator and more), as well as how to set up joint sessions with all parties.