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Meet the Arbitral Institution: CPR Dispute Resolution

March 15, 2023 at 10:00 am EST

This is a virtual event.

The YAWP Young Arbitral Women Practitioners will feature CPR Dispute Resolution in their upcoming series, "Meet the Arbitral Institution," featuring a discussion with Vice President Mia Levi.

This initiative is aimed at connecting YAWP members with arbitral institutions.  As part of the Meet the Arbitral Institution series, Mia will share with YAWP members the process to be considered for an appointment with the concerned institution, what skills and qualifications the institution is looking for in an arbitrator, and how to enhance one’s profile to make it stand out vis-à-vis the concerned institution.  Each session will only be open to a pre-selected group of approximately 20-30 YAWP members, who have been vetted for this series based on their experience, geographical location and motivation.

Those YAWP members interested in signing up should register for the CPR session on March 15, 2023 via the registration link. 

For those who are not members of YAWP, please reach out to your professional associations to encourage them to host a similar event - CPR's Dispute Resolution Services would be delighted to attend.