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Mediation Skills Training - Fall 2023

Training 1: Understanding the Benefits of Mediation, When to Mediate and How to Select Your Mediator

This session has set up the basis of why and when to mediate, including the benefits of mediation, figuring out whether mediation is right for your dispute, and determining the right time to mediate. Participants learned about preliminary issues to consider, such as how to choose the right mediator, whether to consider co-mediation, and practical considerations for the location of your mediation session.

Moderated by Jason Klingensmith, Assistant General Counsel, General Motors Company.

William Wood, Mediator, Brick Court Chambers; Gisele Stephens-Chu, Stephens-Chu Dispute Resolution; Kate Gonzalez, Senior Legal Counsel, Airbus.

Training 2: Preparing for Mediation

The second session guided participants through the necessary steps in preparing yourself and your client for the mediation session. This included how to prepare your client and their role in the session, creating a risk-analysis of your case and economic valuation, what to include in your mediation statements, and how to develop your first offer and negotiation strategy.

Moderated by Myrna Barakat Friedman, Mediator, Barakat-ADR.

Panel: Camille Lallemand, Head of Legal for Contracts, Litigation & Regulator, Airbus; Adrienne Publicover, Mediator, JAMS; Steven Bierman, Mediator, Bierman ADR.

Training 3: Effective Advocacy Strategies—Understanding the Attorney’s Role and How to Avoid Common Mistakes That Can Lead to Impasse

The final session brought the participants to the mediation table and discussed best practices for the mediation session. Within the mediation session, participants understood the impact their demeanor can have on the progress of the mediation, the consequences of failing to adequately prepare and calculate the settlement value, and strategies for how to avoid impasse, maximize chances of settlement and to best utilize the mediator along the way.

Moderated by Rachel Gupta, Mediator, Gupta Dispute Resolutions LLC.

Panel: Reginald Holmes, Mediator, The Holmes Law Firm; Jerry P. Roscoe, Mediator, JAMS; Joan Stearns-Johnsen, Mediator JSJ-ADR.