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Non-Administered Arbitration

Non-Administered Arbitration

A non-administered or self-administered process is designed to proceed without the involvement of a separate administering entity. Instead, the neutral(s) and parties, themselves, administer the proceedings. The selected neutral manages all aspects of the proceedings not controlled by the parties under their agreement, including keeping the necessary files, arranging the location of the proceedings, and agreeing upon a neutral fee and collection process. The proceedings may follow institutional rules and procedures, such as those outlined in CPR’s Rules for Non-Administered Arbitration and the CPR Mediation Procedure or may adhere to a procedure defined by and agreed to by the parties.

Assisted Dispute Resolution

For those using a self-administered approach, situations may arise in which limited administration may be needed for a given type of matter. In these instances, assisted dispute resolution services may be provided upon request of the parties. In this approach, parties only pay for the services that they use. By merging the flexibility of a self-administered resolution process with occasional administrative support, the assisted resolution approach offers parties the best of both worlds.  

CPR can act on behalf of all parties to help select a neutral that is ideally-suited to the case – and one that is acceptable to all sides. CPR assists parties via four primary selection services: 

  1. Request for Neutrals’ Bios 
  2. Vetted List of Neutral Candidates 
  3. Screened Arbitrator Selection 
  4. Direct Appointments 

For a description of the selection services, and more information about CPR’s Vetting and Selection process, parties may visit the Appointing Services page.

CPR also provides the following assisted dispute resolution services, which may be required throughout the duration of the proceeding: 

  • Challenge to arbitrator 
  • Award review 
  • Fund holding 
  • Serving non-responding respondents 
  • CPR Conference Room rental (in Midtown, New York) 

For more information about the above services and their fees, parties may visit the Assisted Dispute Resolution page.