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Dispute Prevention Provisions

Despite the general acceptance of alternative dispute resolution provisions in contractual arrangements, to date, there has been little attention given to contractual dispute prevention protocols.

In an effort to shift the paradigm, CPR, with the assistance of outside and inside counsel from highly respected firms and corporations, has developed a “Term Sheet” and Model Dispute Prevention and Resolution provisions (the “Model Provisions”), along with an accompanying memorandum providing an overview of the Term Sheet and Model Provisions as well as reasons for using them. The primary goals of the Term Sheet and Model Provisions are to establish a framework to identify potential conflicts early and to offer a solution for dispute avoidance over the life of a contractual relationship, with binding arbitration (or, if the parties prefer, litigation), as a last resort.

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Effective July 1, 2022, all references in Rules, Procedures, Protocols, Model Procedural Orders, Model Clauses and Guidelines to The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Inc. or CPR shall be deemed a reference to CPR Dispute Resolution Services LLC.

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