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Six Dispute Prevention Steps As Lawsuits Rise Amid Pandemic


In her Expert Analysis piece for Law360, "6 Dispute Prevention Steps as Lawsuits Rise Amid Pandemic," author Janice Sperow suggests that businesses deploy experts to assist with identifying issues and anti-conflict systems, in order to nip problems in the bud.

She mentions CPR as one such source of expertise, with the organization having "pioneered prevention as the ultimate resolution when it first began working on the issue over a decade ago."

In the article, she discusses CPR's launch of its new Dispute Prevention Panel of Distinguished CPR Neutrals (of which she is a member), comprised of practitioners skilled in facilitating conflict management and solving business problems before they become full-blown legal matters, as well as its Dispute Prevention Committee -- which will soon launch a suite of model prevention clauses and contractual provisions "crafted to avoid problems and de-escalate conflict before the classic resolution phase."