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How the COVID-19 Crisis Is Reshaping Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Recorder

In "How the COVID-19 Crisis Is Reshaping Alternative Dispute Resolution," ALM's The Recorder took a look at how ADR organizations around the country are responding to the Corona-crisis.

CPR Distinguished Neutral Gilda Turitz, based in San Francisco, shared her enthusiasm over the prospect of online dispute resolution, and observed that remote tools could substantially change ADR and expand neutrals' reach. 

“It could open up opportunities to expand their ability to mediate and arbitrate out of areas where it wouldn’t economically make sense to travel but they have a niche,” she told The Recorder.

CPR SVP, Dispute Resolution Services, Helena Tavares Erickson, noted that CPR is currently seeing two to three times as many cases as they typically get, possibly as a result of people taking the opportunity over the last two weeks to get their matters filed.

Turitz, a member of CPR's Dispute Prevention panel, described how CPR is looking ahead to how to potentially prevent disputes that come out of the coronavirus.