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Moving the Needle on Diversity: A Conversation with Noah Hanft

MCCA's Diversity & the Bar Magazine

Theo Cheng, independent, full-time arbitrator and mediator and Distinguished CPR Neutral, recently published an interview -- in his MCCA's Diversity & the Bar Magazine column, "The ADR Mosaic" -- with CPR President & CEO, Noah J. Hanft.

In the article, titled "Moving the Needle on Diversity," Cheng and Hanft discussed numerous topics, including:

  • Why Hanft believes diversity in the ADR field is so important;
  • Steps that inside counsel can take to help increase diversity in ADR;
  • How a company can practically accomplish these ends, and how difficult those efforts might be;
  • The roles of organizations such as CPR;
  • Recent CPR initiatives to increase diversity in the field;
  • And, finally, encouraging recent statistics showing some progress. 

Read the article in its entirety on the MCCA's Diversity & the Bar Magazine site HERE (on page 13).