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Noah Hanft Quoted on Diversity in Arbitration, in Context of Jay-Z Case


In "Jay-Z Adds Star Power to Diversity Concerns in Arbitration," Law360 took a look at the important issue of diversity within arbitration. The legal newswire interviewed representatives from CPR, AAA and JAMS, all of whom discussed their longstanding and ongoing commitment to the issue. 

Noah J. Hanft, President and CEO of CPR, reviewed CPR's creation of a task force on diversity in 2006, and noted that CPR's roster of mediators and arbitrators in the 2018 fiscal year was 17 percent women and 10 percent minority men. Noah also described the diversity statement CPR adds, when sending a possible slate of arbitrators and mediators for parties' consideration, encouraging them to consider more diverse individuals.

Even more important than diverse individual's being on the roster, Hanft summarized, is that they get selected.