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Noah Hanft Quoted by Society for Human Resources Management on "Epic" Supreme Court Arbitration Decision

Society for Human Resource Management

In "Supreme Court Approves Class-Action Waivers," reported on the Supreme Court's decision in Epic Systems, which affirmed the ability of companies to use mandatory arbitration clauses in employment agreements that are accompanied by waivers of class processes in litigation and arbitration. 

According to Noah Hanft, CPR's President and CEO, "Employers establishing class-action waivers in light of the decision should frame their arbitration programs in a way that points out the benefits to employees." These benefits include confidentiality, he explained.  

"Plus, if an arbitration program includes mediation, an employee may be able to raise any concerns, even if there's no legal basis for them, and have them resolved to the employee's and the employer's satisfaction," he concluded. 

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