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Please visit our "File a Case" website page.

  • Party control: ability to craft your own process to fit your needs.
  • Faster speed and lower cost: speed to a decision is often important so that business planning can continue, and long-term projects can proceed uninterrupted. On average, CPR commercial arbitration case length from commencement to award is 14.4 months.
  • Knowledgeable decision-makers: selection of neutrals with subject-matter expertise is preferable to judges or juries without any subject-matter knowledge.
  • Privacy/confidentiality: maintain the confidentiality of sensitive matters, such as proprietary business information, trade secrets and other intellectual property.
  • Fair and neutral forum: offers the possibility of selecting a venue which is neutral to the parties and logistically convenient to both sides.
  • Finality: arbitration offers the certainty of resolution, as awards are generally final and binding. Parties can, however, add an appellate procedure if desired.

To access your matter, visit the Manage your Matter page. After clicking on the link to access CPR Dispute Resolution's Complete Case platform, please log in with the email address that CPR has on file.  

CPR Dispute Resolution’s Complete Case platform will bring parties to a digital legal environment to handle more matters more efficiently. The benefits of using the platform include:

  • Parties will see filing matters, secure communication on the platform, selection of neutrals, organized document storage, and case management by CPR administrators and neutrals in a more streamlined, expedited fashion.
  • The platform’s video-conferencing capability is designed with features purpose-built for arbitrations and mediations. Parties and neutrals will be able to seamlessly connect to their conference while viewing case files, collaborating on shared documents, and creating their own annotated files for later review.
  • The platform is ISO 27001 certified, a leading international standard for information security.

Parties that require assistance in using the platform can view the following walkthroughs:

For any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your case administrator.

CPR Dispute Resolution Services understands the need for security with online communications and proceedings. The platform is ISO 27001 certified, a leading international standard for information security.

CPR’s proprietary Panels of Distinguished Neutrals comprise the ADR elite.  They include nationally and internationally prominent attorneys, retired state and federal judges, academics, and highly-skilled business executives, legal experts, and ADR professionals who are particularly qualified to resolve complex business disputes involving multi-national corporations or issues of public sensitivity. Focusing in 20+ business practice areas, CPR’s arbitrators and mediators have provided resolutions in thousands of cases, with billions of dollars at issue, worldwide.

When you engage a CPR panelist, you can be assured of a highly-qualified professional who has been both peer-reviewed and, more importantly, user-approved for excellence.  CPR’s Panel credentialing process is rigorous and comprehensive; resulting in a world-class list of the most seasoned and credentialed neutrals, categorized by industry, practice-area, and expertise. 


  • CPR’s Global Panel contains neutrals located outside of the United States.
  • CPR's Cross Border Panel contains U.S.-based neutrals experienced in transnational or cross border disputes.
  • CPR’s Regional Panels contains highly-regarded leaders of the bench, bar and academia from major cities throughout the U.S. who are available to resolve complex business and public disputes nationwide.
  • CPR’s Specialized Panels are assembled in response to CPR member requests and currently focus on 20+ areas of expertise.

Recognition by the courts: The CPR Panels roster has been used by the courts to identify special masters and as a resource for other public appointments.

CPR invites high-quality neutrals to apply to the Panel and reviews unsolicited applications received through the website here. Admission to one of CPR Specialty Panels may also include review by a select panel of high-end users, peers and/or academics. Candidates are screened for their ADR expertise and training, and candidate references are asked to comment specifically on the applicant’s qualifications to serve on large complex commercial disputes. Qualification to the CPR roster is demanding and available openings are very limited.

Typically, all steps are completed and the neutral is selected and assigned to the case within three weeks. Of course, in an emergency, the process can be completed even more quickly.

Include a contract clause providing that all disputes arising out of the agreement will be resolved by the CPR Panels using CPR's procedures. Sample clauses and procedures can be found under the Rules & Clauses. Parties can also download our model clauses via the website.