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CPR's Dispute Prevention Panel

A COVID-19 Resource

This unprecedented global health pandemic is, no doubt, presenting many businesses around the world with disruption in their operations. Those disruptions may lead to legal disputes over issues like impossibility, frustration and force majeure.

We believe there may be opportunities for early intervention by neutrals skilled in facilitating conflict management and solving business problems before they become full blown legal matters. As part of our dispute prevention mandate, we have canvassed our panel for those with experience and expertise in facilitating such situations, and are pleased to announce a new CPR Dispute Prevention Panel for this circumstance.   

These neutrals comprise skilled arbitrators, mediators and facilitators, including former in-house counsel, engineers, law firm practitioners and others experienced in commercial disputes ranging from banking and financial services to technology.

Logged-in CPR members can download a current PDF list of the Dispute Prevention Panel HERE. Learn more about these professionals’ backgrounds via the the "Find a Neutral" search by searching for their name.  

Please let us know, via, if, as part of our administrative services, we can assist in identifying and ascertaining the availability and rates, and obtaining disclosures from an appropriate neutral for your situation.  It would seem that now, more than ever, we need to have less conflict and more purpose.






Effective July 1, 2022, all references in Rules, Procedures, Protocols, Model Procedural Orders, Model Clauses and Guidelines to The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Inc. or CPR shall be deemed a reference to CPR Dispute Resolution Services LLC.

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