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CPR Announces New COVID-19 Flat Fee Mediation Program, in Collaboration with Legal Innovators and FTI Consulting, to Resolve Disputes Below $5 Million

Partners to kick off program with free May 13 Webinar, discussing issues and providing overview of possible solutions and mediation process

New York, NY (May 7, 2020)—The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), a global non-profit organization that advances dispute prevention and resolution practices and solutions, announced the planned launch of an Integrated Resolution Program, aimed at redressing the economic impact of the pandemic, particularly on small and mid-sized businesses.

The program, created in collaboration with Legal Innovators and FTI Consulting, will apply to disputes below $5 million, and responsibilities will be apportioned among the organizers as follows:

  • CPR will provide mediation procedures and appoint mediators from its Panel of Distinguished Neutrals;
  • FTI will host mediations subject to space availability (or support virtual mediations) and provide neutral loss assessments to mediators; and
  • Legal Innovators will provide “bench” memos on relevant legal principles under applicable law to assist the mediators

The flat fee will be $6,000 (to be split by the parties) for 10 hours of mediation and $350/ hour for any additional hour.

“Litigation is unattractive, particularly in this environment” said Allen Waxman, President and CEO of CPR. “The courts are either clogged or closed, and litigation is expensive, distracting or destructive, and slow. Mediation, conducted by skilled mediators, is a more efficient, creative and constructive process in arriving at cost-effective solutions. Our mediators have responded with great enthusiasm to this program and, together with our partners Legal Innovators and FTI, we look forward to offering a pathway for many businesses to resolve their differences in a way that best gets them through this crisis.”

The program’s launch will be kicked off with a webinar, “Getting Your Business Past COVID-19: Resolving Disputes Through One Stop Mediation,” taking place on May 13th at 4:00 p.m. EDT.

“As a result of COVID-19, all businesses, but particularly small to medium sized ones, are facing uncertain and, frankly, scary times,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, Chairman of Legal Innovators. Unfortunately, legal disputes arising from COVID-19 in a no fault environment are probably inevitable, and will require these businesses to consider their legal and economic rights and obligations. This webinar will help them to do so, and will layout the creative and cost-effective Covid-19 flat-fee mediation program we are assembling to assist them in moving forward in a post-pandemic world.”

Topics to be covered in the May 13 webinar include:

  • A checklist of legal issues to consider in evaluating rights and obligations
  • An overview of the possible solutions
  • Guidance to calculate loss
  • Introduction of a creative and cost-effective mediation process enabling resolution of disputes to allow businesses to move forward

The session will be moderated by Jonathan Greenblatt of J. Greenblatt, International Disputes PLLC. Jonathan is also the Co-founder and Chairman of Legal Innovators. The webinar will feature the following panelists:

  • Dawn Hall, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting
  • Allen Waxman, President and CEO, The International Institute for Conflict Prevention
  • and Resolution
  • Roderick Johnson, Project Officer Lender Relations, U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Bryan Parker, CEO, and Co-Founder of Legal Innovators
  • Mark Morril, Independent Arbitrator and Mediator, Morril ADR

Registration for this hour-long, complimentary webinar is now open and participants may submit questions in advance via that registration link or to

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Established in 1977, CPR is an independent nonprofit organization that helps prevent and resolve legal conflict more effectively and efficiently. It manages conflict to enable purpose. 

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CPR Dispute Resolution harnesses the thought leadership and output of the Institute while providing independent ADR services – mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, dispute resolution boards and others – through innovative and practical rules and procedures and through CPR’s Panel of Distinguished Neutrals.

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